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My research has concentrated on the plumbing systems of silicic calderas. Caldera-forming eruptions are some of the most devastating events that occur on Earth, and understanding the processes that produce them is essential to providing better forecasts of the size of the next eruption at restless calderas. These volcanoes also concentrate valuable metals in their plumbing systems, producing economically important ore deposits. My main focus has been on the magmatic processes that occur prior to eruption at silicic calderas. Using the geochemistry and petrology of the deposits of past eruptions, I have studied the timescales of these processes, and attempted to determine whether the processes that drive the largest, caldera-forming eruptions differ from those that drive minor, effusive activity at the same volcano.


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Freelance scientific language editing (2019–Present)
Improving the English language of manuscripts written by non-native speakers.
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Earth Observatory of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (2014–2019)
Research Fellow, Instrument manager (LA ICP-MS)


Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont Ferrand, France (2010–2014)
Ph.D. in Volcanology (mention très honorable/with highest honours)
Thesis: The timescales of magmatic processes prior to a caldera-forming eruption

Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge, UK (2006–2010)
MSci (Hons) Geological Sciences Part 3 (2.1)
Basin Dynamics; Metamorphic and Igneous Processes;
Materials, Electronics and Renewable Energy (inter-disciplinary physics course)
Thesis: Degassing and deformation of the Pantelleria Magma Chamber (5 months)

BA (Hons) Natural Sciences Part 2 (2.1) 2009
Geology: Tectonics; Magmatic Processes; Metamorphic Processes;
Sedimentary Processes; Palaeontology
Physics: Quantum Physics; Special Relativity; Mathematics for Physicists
Mineralogy and Material Science
Independent Mapping Project: Thrust sheets in the Catalan Pyrenees