Geol 194 around Caraga

This fieldtrip is part of the Geol 194 course I taught alongside Dr. Engielle Mae Paguican at Caraga State University, which is the first time our students get to see rocks in the field. We visited several outcrops around the Caraga region of northern Mindanao in the Philippines. Information about the rocks that we see was kept deliberately sparse, so that the students could see the outcrops with fresh eyes; however, if you would like to know more about anything you see here, feel free to contact us! Click on any of the outcrop photos below to see videos and more photos of the outcrop.

Outcrop 1, near Carrascal
Outcrop 2, near Taganito
Outcrop 3, near Cabugo
Outcrop 4, near Bacuag
Outcrop 5, near Bayugan
Outcrop 6, near Bayugan
Outcrop 7, near Anibongan
Outcrop 8: the Enchanted River